Do I have to pay to ship my items to you?

This facility is free. We at Wear Agains will not be charging you. Shipping of your items will be absolutely free.

How do I request for a free pick-up of my items?

In order to request a free pick you will have to log in to your account. This is for the reason that we can have access to your address, contact details to make sure the process is smooth.

You need to go to the Sell option and click on the ‘Request a pick –up’ page. Once you submit your details our team will be notified of your entry and a pick-up will be arranged from the address you have mentioned.

How Does Selling Work?

Selling has never been easier. No questions, no queries. If you feel there is a lot of unwanted stuff in your closet which is either not suitable to your taste or doesn’t appeal to you anymore but is in great condition, Wear Agains is your answer! Just request a pick up as mentioned in the previous FAQ and we will have it picked up from your mentioned address!

How long does it take to process my items?

The entire process will take roughly 5 weeks. 3 weeks to reach us, after which we will be sending you a notification from our side to give you a confirmation that your bag has reached us. After that the rest of the two weeks will be spent in reviewing the contents so that we can bifurcate between what has been accepted or rejected by the quality testing team. This process will be followed up by another email to inform you regarding a detailed report of your shipped items.

How will I know when my items have been received by WearAgains?

An email notification will be sent to you once your items have been received by us. Typically it takes around 3 weeks for this process to be complete.

Tracking is possible online as well. You can log in to your account and check the ‘check your bag status’.

How will I know which items get accepted and which get rejected?

There are mainly two things involved in this process-

  • Once your bag reaches us and we go through the entire process of reviewing it, an email will be sent to you regarding the status of the bag in terms of what has been accepted and what has not.
  • A detailed report of the entire shipping will also be available on your account and you can directly find out the details from there as well. Please note in either case, email or account updates we will take about 3- 5 weeks for the entire review.

What happens after I send in my items?

Let’s go step wise shall we…

  • You request a free pick up and we pick it up from your mentioned address.
  • We go through the bag and the contents you have sent over and take about 1-3 weeks to do so. We also notify you once the bags have arrived so you know as a surety that the bags have reached and the review is in progress.
  • Once we begin the review process which takes about 2 weeks, we send you an email notification and update your details of what is accepted or not accepted from your bag.
  • Once that is done we begin to post your items to sell on the website and you will receive another notification for this update.
  • Tracking is always another way to gain updates which will be available constantly on your account.

What happens after my items are accepted for selling?

  • Once your items have been approved by the quality testing team, Wear Agains will photograph the items to be sold and start posting them on the website.
  • A similar pattern will follow from earlier in regard to notifications. You will be notified regarding the posting of your items via email or account updates.
  • You can check your items which are selected for selling on the website by checking your account details as well.

What happens to the items that do not pass Wear Agains quality standards?

  • The detailed report of your contents quality, approval and rejection description will be emailed to you or sent to you in your account.
  • If you chose the option of ‘Return to me’ you will need to pay the fees to reclaim your bag and its contents.
  • In case you choose the option of ‘Donate to charity’ then we will be donating your items to the collaborations that Wear Agains has with various NGO’s in the city and otherwise on your behalf.
  • We do not keep any of the items which do not pass the quality tests of Wear Agains. We also do not keep any percentage reserves in the donations.

Who decides the selling price of my accepted items?

As a seller, there is complete freedom offered to the individual to decide the price. We encourage that the prices are practical and not too expensively quoted or equivalent to the retail prices since this might dissuade a buyer from buying it from a website like ours! A list is also provided to serve as a guideline so that you can be guided to quote prices in case you are not aware about the process of how to price items.

What Can I Sell on Wear Agains?

Currently, we’re accepting only women's clothing, shoes, bags & accessories. We do not accept undergarments, cosmetics, men's and children's clothing at the moment.

What does “like-new” mean?

  • Customers who shop at Wear Agains expect great quality and we want to serve them that.
  • As a seller we expect you to sell only things which are stain free or do not look old. The items you sell must be odour free and must not have anything odd about them which gives them away as an old product.
  • Whatever you as a seller decide to sell must have that ‘like new’ feel about them.

What should I do if I want to sell an item but that brand name is not mentioned in your brand list?

You can email us on

In case we accept that brand we will take the product in if it matches our quality tests and in case we do not accept it, we will email back.

What if I want to send in more than 30 items for selling?

It’s our lucky day! Just email us on and we’ll arrange for a pick-up from your address.

Can I still return an item even if the tag is broken or torn?

In case you wish to return an item, please make sure that the Wear Agains tag is intact along with the other bills. Since we deal with items already used or sold by someone with a previous owner, we are very strict about our quality to ensure that none of our customers have to suffer any inconvenience.

Can I return a handbag I’ve purchased on Wear Agains?

We do not allow returns on hand bags and consider them as a final sale. You can however, list the bag for re-consignment with us.

How do I know the clothing is in good condition?

  • If you are buying from Wear Agains the clothing condition is always great.
  • Our quality testing team assures its buyers that no item bought from Wear Agains will have any compromises linked to quality.
  • Our items that are listed are stain free, odour free, tear free and always like new. It is only after this is affirmed by our team that a product climbs to the Wear Agains selling wall.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery for items purchased on Wear Agains?

No. Currently we do not offer COD for items purchased on Wear Agains.

How will I get paid once my items get sold?

Once your items are sold, the money will be added to your wallet to shop from Wear Agains once again!

In case you wish to withdraw from your Wear Agains online wallet, then all you need to do is to raise a request for a bank transfer giving all your details required for the transaction. The money will reach you within two to three weeks.