The United Colours of Wardrobes

We don’t understand only the blues. We also understand turquoise shoes.

Hues, tints, tones are all beautiful and known. But we are also interested in your colourful closet zoos.

Let them out, the wild, the tame, the ones you don’t think belong, we have lots others like you waiting to be left loose!

We’ll find a zoo for them, send them with love, make sure they find their own tribe!

While you are visiting the website, why not pick up something for yourself too, perhaps as adeserved bribe! ;)

Our work creates passion, spice and kick-starts life for us every day. We start out with a new fragrance in the same manner that you start off with a new dress off a hanger! Sometimes heady, sometimes calm, but it’s a guaranteed charm! Do you have a Valentino purse or a Stalk Buy Love accessory sitting in your closet unused? Bring it out! Want to us to help out and give a shout?

How it Works

It’s simple. It’s effective. Recyclable. Reusable. Green go getters.

Nothing fancy about it. We make sure it is a smooth as butter process for you. Dig into your closet. Found something you think is taking up space and blocking your taste, not letting you spend for that special die for dress that have had to put your heart out at stake?

Fear not maidens, we can’t let your sacrifice go waste. Wear Agains opens up the gates. :D

Our blood is green. Specially where the glamour world is concerned.

Send over your stuff for free, once we approve of the:

  • Quality
  • Wear and Tear
  • Fades
  • Brand names intact

You and we are good to go. Do away with the tensions of marketing, we take care of all it from the minute it leaves your home. Once sold we give you a lion share % taking our margin thanking you for it, for all the marketing and other hassles we take for you (just kidding, we love our work, we love you!)

Happy customer + happy consumer = Happy Us.

Aah...we wished the world worked like that, fortunately for you, we do

Welcome on board mates, for any other query consult our Q & A crate!